My Frog Sings

My Frog Sings: Thoughts and Essays from the Garden

From the author: “My garden is a space in time with a beginning and an end, between which nothing stays the same. It is a place where so much comes and goes and nothing lasts forever. It is where nature measures seasons — where I measure my life.

In this little world, surrounded by growth and natural mysteries, it is good to feel there is a cure for all ills, that no one is unwanted, unloved, or forgotten, that this garden comforts emotions and accommodates the hurts which lay deep within us. 

Nothing is demanded. There are no questions, just giving and humility and acceptance. And a patient search for truth.”

My Frog Sings is an organic collection of thoughts, observations and lessons learned, which reveal themselves to the reader like turns of a corner in a lush garden.

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