About Africa

“You will have no idea of the beauty of Africa if you do not visit its wide-stretched Savannahs that lay flat for prancing, growling, multiplying animals, and climb its mountains that hold snow for all seasons.

It is a land fed by rivers that sneak through impenetrable jungles, that hide snakes and crocodiles, that throw blood-curdling screams over waterfalls and mournful cries across rapids in the valleys. The lakes of Africa are filled with hippopotamuses and hold a thousand different species of fish that cannot see the grass bend or hear the moan of the wind across the veldt.

There is an ever–stretched coastline of soft silken sand from end to distant end held by waters, blue, green, salty, disturbed with raging temperaments and mean moods — their names do not matter.

Lightning and storms come in seasons, they always come and everything seems to bow to the word of God.

Yes, there are deserts, with miles and miles of lifeless, burning sand, with cracked rocks that hold the freeze of night.

Across this land of Africa there is death, there is pain, there is suffering, there is injustice, there are the great swarms of locusts, there is the drought without love brought by the devil himself — the witchdoctors tell me so.”

- Peter Frickel