When you go to Africa …

A thousand sounds welcome, a million thrilling moments embrace,
then silence invites you into the great mirror where the search begins. { More }

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Present Day

For the past thirty years, Peter has lived with his happy family near the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. He spends many sunny days fishing with friends, or alone tending his garden of subtropical plants which tell the story of Africa.

His greatest passion is to write: autobiographical accounts, poems, essays and creative fiction — he enjoys them all. It is a great pleasure for him to share his tales from another era, and his collections of short stories and memoirs tend to leave an indelible impression upon the reader. He weaves natural imagery, folklore, practical wisdom and a poetic sense of individualism and struggle which stirs the passions. In his creative writing, he navigates the broad themes of life, death and birth, taken from unique insights which span a lifetime.

For more information on published and unpublished works, please feel free to communicate with the author via the Contact page or in person at meetings of the Sarasota Writers Group, part of the Florida Writers Association.

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Peter Frickel was born in South Africa, in a home on a hill that looked out over the vast Indian Ocean. His father a doctor, his mother a nurse, both cared for the local villagers, the Zulu king and many of the Zulu people.

As a young boy, he dreamt of joining the French Foreign Legion, exploring the great continent of Africa and visiting the seven wonders of the world. He saw them except the legendary Hanging Gardens of Babylon, a decision made by the flip of a coin during his travels. “Heads goes west” he still recalls.

After graduating with a degree in economics, fluent in English, Afrikaans, Zulu and well versed in Latin, he made plans to trek across Africa. He would travel from the Cape of Good Hope, the most southern tip of Africa to the pyramids in Cairo, Egypt, the gateway from Africa to the Middle East.

After hiking much of his homeland and the neighboring nation of Mozambique, he decided to journey by foot wherever possible. He would see more from the road, go to more places, meet more people and possibly find the difference that lies between imagination and reality.

Peter trekked several thousand miles during his two-year journey. He paddled the piroque on great rivers, crossed deserts by camel caravan, journeyed over mountain ranges and through the Great Rift Valley. The sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Africa are indelible in his stories — they are rich with vivid details.

Night after night, in the wild, he lay down on his African earth to sleep beneath a canopy of stars. He hunted and fished for food; made friends on the road with strangers who welcomed him as a traveler. They ate together, they asked him about the things he had seen, where he had been, where next, why and enjoyed his story telling.

From his African soil he traveled into the Middle East, across Europe finally to London, England where he joined colleagues on the London Stock Exchange. This exciting work would take him to Europe, India, the Far East and Australia.

And yes, he still travels.


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